#2 Welcome To Our New Office! main picture

#2 Welcome To Our New Office!

We just moved into our new office, check it out...

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Welcome to App Dev Academy! main picture

Welcome to App Dev Academy!

We build iOS and Android mobile apps using the latest tools and techniques applied to the top apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We make sure that your custom mobile app meets all the requirements we agreed on, and we’ll help you add new features to your app after launch.

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Remove committed files from git history (easier way) main picture

Remove committed files from git history (easier way)

Storing passwords, API keys, access tokens and other sensitive data directly in git repository is considered a bad practice and decreases security of your production environment and any third-party integrations that you might have. Also you might included images, fonts, videos or other large files in previous commits that's just making your repository larger, but you don't need them anymore.

In this article you will learn how to remove all that information from git history.

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NOT funny JavaScript main picture

NOT funny JavaScript

In this video I share some of my frustrations with how JavaScript works. Hope you like it :)

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Let's Encrypt SSL certificates renewal automation main picture

Let's Encrypt SSL certificates renewal automation

It was a long time since last post in this blog. Anyway, we are back and already started posting stuff that will save you tons of your time. Let's dive into SSL certificate renewal automation today! 🙂

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[GUIDE] Git commands cheat sheet main picture

[GUIDE] Git commands cheat sheet

This cheat sheet contains git commands, almost every developer use on daily basis. They will save you a lot of time and nerves.

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[GUIDE] Gulpfile for React.js projects main picture

[GUIDE] Gulpfile for React.js projects

What gulpfile.js we use at App Dev Academy for building React.js projects and why Gulp, ES6 and other related questions...

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Remove file from git history main picture

Remove file from git history

Part of our contracts at App Dev Academy require code audits on different Ruby on Rails projects. And usually developers do same mistakes over and over again - they incude sensitive data, such as passwords, API keys for third party integrations, production database logins/passwords, other secrets into git repositories. This article will tell you how to remove sensitive data from git history completely.

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[GUIDE] Shared Atom configuration main picture

[GUIDE] Shared Atom configuration

In this article we share App Dev Academy Atom editor configuration that we use across all computers of our development team and describe importance of doing so if you want to develop good quality software products.

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End of year - new blog main picture

End of year - new blog

It was long and tough year for App Dev Academy. We started with registering a company in March, learned a lot about law, accounting, taxes and banks, adopted tons of best practices for iOS, Android and web development, released some really cool open source libraries and couple of apps on the App Store 😁. I want to thank everyone who was with App Dev Academy during our first year as a company, let's keep the good work and do even better next year!

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