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High-contrast animations to stimulate infant development - providing enrichment in categories like Puzzles, Patterns, Mechanix, Movements and Counting - to activate tiny minds from the earliest moments!


• 50+ high-contrast animations designed specifically for infants & new ones added regularly!

• Based on infant cognitive research to provide age-appropriate stimulation and engagement from the first moments

• SOOTHE Mode that replaces animation audio with calming Classical background music

• Session timer to help manage screen time responsibly

• Helpful tips to get the most out of the app


Our engaging videos are based in infant cognition research to help demonstrate key concepts using a high-contrast, minimalist design to avoid overstimulation.

Did you know that studies demonstrate babies are born with an innate expectation of how the physical world behaves? That’s why we use a realistic physics engine to create our animations.

Research also reveals an inborn capacity to keep track of quantities and perform basic counting and arithmetic! And the way these experiments are performed informs the concepts of our animations. Learn all this and much more in the Methods & Tips section!

Download infantio now and get the tiny gears spinning!

  • native iOS app built with Swift
  • interactive website built with HTML5 with advanced integration of HTML5 video and audio players
  • admin panel integration for administrators to manage the content in the app and on the website
  • multiple modes to learn
  • continuous development of new features after initial release
  • Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics integration