About Us

App Dev Academy is a dedicated team of software developers that help startups build mobile apps and websites without need to micro-manage everyone.


We develop native mobile applications for iOS (using Swift) and Android (using Kotlin). Also we work on backends, admin panels and APIs to bring your mobile app to life. If your app is not a "rocket science" and solves a pretty standard problem - instead of going native, we can make a cross-platform app for you using Flutter to save your time and money.


Our process is simple and transparent, you can see what's in development right now, communicate with any member of the team and review results any time you want. If you want - we can send you a build to test every working day.


We concentrate our efforts on mastering best practices in Swift (iOS and macOS), Kotlin (Android), Ruby on Rails and React.js (web), instead of using every programming language in the world. Using this approach and working as a solid team we deliver the best mobile apps and websites to our clients.