End of year - new blog

End of year - new blog main picture

Welcome to our new blog!

It was long and tough year for App Dev Academy. We started with registering a company in March, learned a lot about law, accounting, taxes and banks, adopted tons of best practices for iOS, Android and web development, released some really cool open source libraries and couple of apps on the App Store 😁. I want to thank everyone who was with App Dev Academy during our first year as a company, let's keep the good work and do even better next year!

Clean start

Last year this website was my personal blog, now it's App Dev Academy's website and I post this article as CEO of this awesome company. When we got back to publishing, we were not quite happy with CKEditor. It's 2016 after all and Medium became the standard way to create and edit content, so we wanted something like Medium's editor for ourselves as well. How we did it and video demo of our editor are coming in next articles 😉.

Sometimes it's time to give back

Open source community is really huge and is getting bigger and bigger every year. I'm happy to announce that this website (frontend is written with React.js + MobX and backend is written with Ruby on Rails) is open sourced. You can check React frontend here: https://github.com/appdev-academy/appdev.academy-react and Ruby on Rails backend here: https://github.com/appdev-academy/appdev.academy-rails. Installation instructions are coming soon 🙂 in README files. Hope this one will help someone to dig into Ruby on Rails development for building APIs and React + Redux/MobX frontend development.

Portfolio is coming soon

As you see static pages on this website are empty as of today (December 24, 2016), but will be filled with content in the nearest week. Same thing with portfolio - we will add it in the nearest future as well to show you what awesome projects we already brought to life. Video lessons on iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails and React are coming next.


This website will grow from now on, we have a lot of knowledge to share about iOS and Android app development, frontend development with React + Redux/MobX and of course Ruby on Rails. I want to say thank you once again to everyone who was with us during this year, everyone who supported our work, big thanks to all engineers who worked and studied at App Dev Academy. Thanks to all readers for reading this article! More content will come soon, we finally have some spare time to invest into our blog.

Take care and see you in next articles.