Solitaire (Classic*)

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Solitaire (Classic*)

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Play the world's #1 card game for fun...and train your brain at the same time! Millions of people play this style of solitaire, and we've done our best to create a super-fun, user-friendly version. Our classic Klondike solitaire app features:

  • simple gameplay that doesn't require customization
  • dark background that's easy on the eyes
  • unlimited undos
  • unlimited draw pile cycles than don't negatively affect your score
  • double-tap aces to foundation
  • games that auto-complete once all cards are arranged in tableau

Once you've mastered solo play, you can take your game to the next level and compete against other solitaire players for cash prizes (where available). Test your eSports skills in head-to-head games and multiplayer tournaments where the winners take home real money.

Whether you're a new eSports player or a seasoned veteran, a wide range of entry fees make cash games accessible to every level of competitive gameplay.

  • SaaS platform built from ground up, including: backend, API and admin panel in less than 6 months;
  • native iOS application with Solitaire gameplay available in different game modes, developed with Swift;
  • iOS SDK built for integration by third-party developers, using Swift programming language;
  • Unity SDK built for integration by third-party developers, using C++ programming language;
  • Push Notifications;
  • dynamic home screen which automatically recycles different game types and game modes;
  • integration for payment processing;
  • Apple Pay integration;
  • geofencing with PickPoint and fallback to Google Geocoding API accounting submodule for the whole system;
  • background job processing with Sidekiq;
  • promo codes;
  • referral program;
  • multiple third-party integrations: AppsFlyer, Mixpanel, Firebase, Crashlytics, Veratad, AirBrake, PickPoint, Google Geocoding API,, Tableau;
  • AWS hosting with autoscaling and load balancing;
  • SaaS platform (Ruby on Rails), iOS app, iOS and Unity SDKs are solely developed by App Dev Academy team.