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PROVEIT is a unique real money experience where players like you compete for cash and glory in their favorite games.

Instead of playing for tokens and power-ups or spending money on in-app purchases, you can monetize your gaming skills and compete in eSports tournaments for real cash prizes. Over $1.25 million in prizes have already been won, and we’re just getting started!

Whether you like to play block puzzles, endless runners, trivia or solitaire, there’s a game type for you. Even if you’re into casino games like poker and blackjack, you’ll probably get caught up in the competitive eSports arcade games that PROVEIT offers. If you don’t see a game you like, check back often, because we’re always adding new games to the mix. You can play for cash prizes in one-on-one matches or multiplayer tournaments, and the Daily Jackpot cash is always up for grabs!

Here’s what our players have been saying:

“At last, a game that combines intellectual stimulation with the thrills of Texas Hold ‘Em. I may never do anything else again.” – Neal, Austin TX

“The winnings will start to pile up. I’m using mine to buy and iPhoneX!” – Adin, Denver CO

PROVEIT is currently available in the US only. Players who are physically present in AZ, AK, DC, DE, FL, IL, IA, KS, LA, MD, MI, MO, MT, NV, SC, SD, TN, & VT are not currently eligible to play paid PROVEIT games. Other state restrictions, including age restrictions, may apply.

Check out our feature in TechCrunch here:

  • iOS app built with Swift
  • Android app built with Kotlin (unfortunately did not make it to Google Play due to legal compliance)
  • separate iPad app built just for TechCrunch 2018
  • UIKit games: Trivia
  • SpriteKit games: Block Puzzle, Brick Breaker
  • in-app wrapper for integration of third-party HTML5 games
  • game modes: daily tournaments, blitz tournaments, streaks (retired), head to heads with rematch and double down
  • daily spin (retired)
  • Push Notifications
  • Ruby on Rails API and admin panel
  • dynamic home screen which automatically recycles different game types and game modes
  • integration for payment processing
  • Apple Pay integration
  • geofencing with PickPoint and fallback to Google Geocoding API
  • accounting submodule for the whole system
  • background job processing
  • promo codes
  • referral program
  • multiple third-party integrations: AppsFlyer, Mixpanel, Firebase, Crashlytics, Veratad, AirBrake, PickPoint, Google Geocoding API,, Tableau
  • 3 years in development by App Dev Academy team
  • 2 complete redesigns after initial release